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Digital only single from Dondadi’s debut album, ATMWorld.


1. Combinations 3 (06:40)
2. No Conduit (05:02)

“Green House is proud to present Dondadi’s No CONDUIT - a two track glimpse into newly realized solo work from multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, Connor Hanwick. Hanwick’s work under the Dondadi moniker gently sways into the experimental realm. On Combinations 3, reverberant keys wade in and out of synthetic warmth, slowly evolving into a tranquil exercise in aural relaxation. Subtle atmospheric details - a small chiming bell, the low whisper of the wind - seamlessly meld into the composition. Just shy of seven minutes, Combinations 3 calmly returns to reality as the static and reverberation that once enveloped tenderly fade into silence. Conversely, No CONDUIT quickly launches into a saturated dance of echoing, simulated woodwinds. As if plummeting into the universe of a bad trip, Dondadi bombards us with repeated cries - “oh my god” - as warped pads whirl into a state of total disorientation. At its climax, a lone, affected guitar shreds over the slowly oscillating soundscape. The fervorous sound slowly dissipates leaving the anxiety and intensity lingering.”